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  • To ensure that the right treatment is availed
  • Option to seek opinion from the top people in the medical field from the comfort of our homes
  • To get access to the latest advances in medical care for both diagnosis and treatment; recent advances in investigation help diagnose conditions more accurately
  • A good description of the medical complaint along with the investigations will give an almost complete picture of the medical condition to the expert enabling them to provide the best solution. This can be complemented by a tele-consultation to ensure accuracy.
  • Getting an additional consultation might offer alternative treatment with better outcome.


  • A comprehensive compilation of all data regarding the patient condition and investigations based on the information provided by the patient shall be made.
  • A thorough evaluation will be done by the panel of doctors and the most relevant diagnosis arrived upon after in-depth analysis and correlation of all the data.
  • The best treatment option available after considering the patient’s status based on the information provided and the investigations reviewed will be conveyed along with the course of treatment including the possible costs, the duration of stay and other related information.


  • Direct consultation and clinical examination is the Gold-standard for healthcare treatment when a second opinion is required. The tele-consultation will only facilitate to avail the correct treatment and will not be a substitute to direct consultation. Therefore, decisions based on this "preliminary" interactive session with the doctor cannot be deemed conclusive.
  • This will not be a standalone diagnostic or treatment option.
  • Though the recommendations by the portal will be following intense co-relation of all data provided, it will be based upon the information availed through previous consultations and has a major shortcoming of non availability of first hand clinical information. Therefore wrong interpretations and documentations done earlier might affect the opinion.