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About Ganga

Ganga Hospital is one of the premier orthopaedic hospitals in our country, providing high quality treatment and maintaining high standards in safety, results and ethical values. The wide variety of orthopedic diseases treated, the expertise in managing simple and complex surgeries, the high number of surgeries performed every year and the collective wisdom and academic acumen of the hospital is well-known both nationally and internationally. The hospital had a humble beginning in 1978 by Dr.J.G.Shanmuganathan & Mrs.Shanmuganathan, the founder directors of the institute. With subsequent expansions in bed strength and 'State of the art' facilities, it is now comparable to any international orthopaedic institute and has currently grown to a 500 bedded exclusive set-up for orthopaedics and plastic surgery. The hospital provides quality and affordable health care in various fields of accident surgery and trauma, spinal surgery, joint replacement surgery, arthroscopy and sports medicine, childhood orthopedic illness, reconstruction of severely injured limbs and advanced skeletal fixation. Apart from the rich experience and expertise in diagnosing and managing various orthopaedic conditions, the orthopedic department has significant research contributions in developing new classifications, treatment models, algorithms in evaluating orthopedic diseases, which have been published in several international journals and textbooks. With this strong background in clinical practice and academic knowledge, the expert team of orthopaedic doctors offers to share their knowledge in aiding decision making for patients afflicted by any of the orthopedic ailments.


  • The hospital is named after Shri. J. S. Gangadharan, father of the founder of the hospital, Dr. J. G. Shanmuganathan.
  • Month 1978 Ganga Hospital started as a 17 bedded Polyclinic
  • August 1991 Establishment of Shanmuganathan Kanakavalli Super Speciality Centre for Trauma, Orthopaedics & Plastic Surgery. Expanded to 45 beds with 2 new Operating theatres
  • January 1993 Establishment of micro-surgical facilities for spine surgery
  • January 1997 Recognised for DNB in Orthopaedic Surgery, National Board of Examinations
  • August 1997 Expansion with construction of New Block to include four new Operating Theatres, total bed strength increases to 110
  • January 1999 Recognized by World Orthopaedic Concern (WOC) for Inland Training Fellowships
  • June 2000 Recognized for Super Speciality Fellowship in Spine Surgery by the National Board
  • January 2001 Ganga Trauma Fellowships
  • June 2001 Diploma in Trauma Nursing course started
  • June 2005 Recognition as Reference Centre for Computer Assisted Surgery
  • May 2007 Shift to the New Premises with bed strength of 420 and 17 Operating theatres
  • June 2007 Diploma in General Nursing and Mid-wifery, B.Sc Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine Course started in collaboration with Avinashilingam University
  • 2008 Recognised by Department of Science and Industrial Research, India
  • 2010 Ganga Institute of Health Sciences – nursing college with BSc nursing course started
  • 2011 Department of Biotechnology approval for research project
  • 2011 Approval for PhD Program by Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University & Madras University
  • 2012 Elected as a member of International Society of Orthopaedic Centres
  • 2012 National Accreditation Board for Hospitals gives accreditation for quality standards
  • 2014 Inauguration of Ganga Spine Injury and Rehabilitation Centre
  • 2014 First hospital in ASIA to have AIRO Intra-operative CT Navigation machine